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Everyone has different reasons for choosing to live in Amber Sea Condo. Indeed, should you ask several condo-dwellers what their most favorite part of the condo life is, you well may get different answers from each person in the group. As somebody who lives in an urban condo, Let me tell that I consider place to be the best aspect of condo living.

Location, i hear you ask? That's pretty general, is it not? Sure, but location encompasses a lot of different things. At most general level, many urban condos are located in the heart of cities. However if you break it down further - say within biking or walking distance - urban condos are near bars and restaurants, sports, theaters and other arts, public transit. Unlike some of my suburban friends, I don't have to get driving to experience virtually any cultural or sporting event I want.

While my job entails a lot of driving in and out of the city, there are numerous people who choose to live without cars. They are able to do so as their condo if close to the place they work. People who work at home might just have to walk on the hallway to get at their desks; anyone who has condos near their office benefit from the next best thing. Oftentimes, they are able to walk to work and avoid difficulties associated with driving and parking. When they want to go home and have lunch, they have the option. Simultaneously, if they want to go for happy hour or dinner after work, there probably are multiple options within minutes of their office or their condo.

Another facet of condo locations I enjoy is that people often arrive at where I am. Given my condo is indeed close to the activities people enjoy, they drive to the city and deal with parking. I recently meet them on the restaurant or stadium. When it's time to head home, I've a few-minute walk before me, while my buddies have to get inside their cars and drive not less than a few minutes.

Finally, shopping. Because i am not a big shopper myself, your options within walking distance are nearly endless. You will find department stores and chain stores carrying brands of clothing and home ware that everyone would recognize, to small, independent shops where you can get things you can't get anywhere else. If I have to have a last-minute gift for an individual, or have been with the perfect present for months, I probably simply have to go for a walk to go get it.

As I said earlier inside the article, all of us have reasons for living in condos. Although location tops their email list for me, I really could go on and on about why I really like it. That is a topic for the next day.

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